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Nearly 60% of the World’s Hungriest People Live in Just a Few Countries. So we have made a selection of farmers that are able to contribute to mitigating their pain.

The Cause

The number one cause of hunger around the world is man-made conflict. It tears families apart, forces entire communities from their homes, destroys infrastructure and disrupts food production. It has pushed 80 million innocent civilians to the most extreme levels of hunger imaginable.


Farmers in strategic locations

Our select pick allows you not only to offset your carbon emissions but also help increase food crops in areas in need.

Efficient targeting

By providing farmers with an extra revenue source, we prevent the food chain rupture and a consequent food shortage on the market.

The Opportunity

Feel free to give MORE.

When buying, you can choose to pay MORE than the farmer wants, in order to help.

Image by Fernando Andrade

Diverse market standards

Potential currency disparity

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